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Nat Dart, San Francisco Chapter Lead Nat Dart

Nat grew up in a small town near Toronto, Ontario, and like most kids born in the 80’s he watched Disney movies religiously. That love of animation usually doesn’t turn every kid into an artist, but for him it was all he needed to inform his choice. His family fostered his fledgeling art skills long enough to see him off to art school at Emily Carr. Once there, he learned a lot about animation as well as how to feed himself for under $5 bucks with homemade pizzas. About halfway through university he found himself making graphics for a local mobile game studio and ever since then he has been in video games.

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Event | Nerd Nite San Francisco Edition | May 17, 2017


Thank you to everyone who attended our San Francisco Chapter Nerd Nite event! We had a great time getting to know each other and learning about science, the Golden Gate Bridge and water infrastructure. What a wonderful way to spend the night!

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!