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Alumni Creative Directory


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Our alumni have helped Emily Carr University build a strong network of businesses, artists, designers, and media practitioners in all parts of the world, and we love to celebrate and promote them. This directory of websites is a place where you can find, support and collaborate with other alumni.

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Photo of Justin Alm
Justin Alm IA, UI, identity and graphic design 2012
Photo of Holly Armishaw
Holly Armishaw Holly Marie Armishaw 2000
Photo of Wil Arndt
Wil Arndt OpenRoad Communications Inc. 1999
Photo of Keith Berens
Keith Berens 1991
Photo of Annie Briard
Annie Briard Contemporary artist, instructor 2013 MAA
Photo of Barbara Cadario
Barbara Cadario Painting, Illustration and Digital Art 2014
Photo of Brad Chernoff
Brad Chernoff Chernoff Fine Art 1987
Photo of Tony Chu
Tony Chu 2006
Photo of Sarah Clement
Sarah Clement Artist and Illustrator/Light & Lines Studio 2010
Photo of Jen Cook
Jen Cook Visual Communication Designer 2011
Photo of Arlene Cotter
Arlene Cotter Designer | Design Strategist | Author 2007
Photo of David Crompton
David Crompton Visual Artist + Graphic Designer 1999
Photo of Mary Downe
Mary Downe Mary Downe 1987
Photo of Gökçe Erdem
Gökçe Erdem Film, Video and Integrated Media 2012
Photo of Zoe Hardisty
Zoe Hardisty User Experience/ Interaction Designer 2015
Photo of Kathryn Hatashita-Lee
Kathryn Hatashita-Lee Photography 1994
Photo of Lisa Hemingway
Lisa Hemingway Backyard Creative 2004
Photo of Faye Hoffman
Faye Hoffman Artist 1985
Photo of Tracy Jager aka livingferal
Tracy Jager aka livingferal Artist – collage, textile 2005
Photo of Marion-Lea Jamieson
Marion-Lea Jamieson Marion-Lea Jamieson 1974
Photo of Stephanie Jonsson
Stephanie Jonsson Artist 2012
Photo of Vida Jurcic
Vida Jurcic Hangar 18 Creative Group Inc. (Partner/Co-Creative Director) 1980
Jane Kane Jane Kane, Registered Art Psychotherapist 1970
Photo of Lori Kenney
Lori Kenney Abstract Painter and Costume Designer-maker 1985
Photo of Suzy Taekyung Kim
Suzy Taekyung Kim Artist 2003
Photo of Danny Kostyshin
Danny Kostyshin Potter/Ceramic Artist 1976
Photo of Clea Lautrey
Clea Lautrey Product Design, Service Design, Sustainable Design 2013
Photo of Diego Maclean
Diego Maclean Animator 2009
Photo of Scott Massey
Scott Massey SITE Photography 2003
Photo of seema mehra
seema mehra Visual Artist 2011
Photo of frank mitchell
frank mitchell Frank Mitchell Studio Services 1995
Photo of Kathryn Mussallem
Kathryn Mussallem Photographer, Photo Retoucher and Illustrator 2000 BFA 2008 MAA
Photo of Jonathan Nodrick
Jonathan Nodrick Co-founder & Creative Director, 2013
Photo of Patricia Pinsk
Patricia Pinsk 1999
Photo of Edith Dora Rey
Edith Dora Rey 1974
Photo of Connie Sabo
Connie Sabo 2003
Photo of Phyllis Schwartz
Phyllis Schwartz Visual Artist/Sassamatt Images 2010
Photo of Tristesse Seeliger
Tristesse Seeliger Artist, Teacher 1996
Photo of Anne Steves
Anne Steves Anne J Steves 2007
Photo of Evelyn Sum
Evelyn Sum Motel Creative 2004
Photo of David Thomas Jones aka jonezi
David Thomas Jones aka jonezi Jonezi 1997
Photo of Maria Tratt
Maria Tratt 2D Visual Artist, Painter and Printmaker 2011
Photo of Joyce (Gia) Trinh
Joyce (Gia) Trinh 2015-the SDWS 35th International Exhibition Director 1989
Photo of Andrew Tsang
Andrew Tsang Communication Design 2014
Photo of Jennifer Uy
Jennifer Uy Illustrator 2013
Photo of Jori van der Linde
Jori van der Linde Jori van der Linde Illustration 2014
Photo of Natasha Vukovic
Natasha Vukovic art 2014
Photo of Madeleine Wood
Madeleine Wood painter of natural delights 1993
Photo of Iris Wu
Iris Wu Digital Designer at Leo Burnett Toronto 2010
Photo of Andrew Zo
Andrew Zo Packaging Designer 2011