Exhibition | CAG – RBC Canadian Painting Competition Exhibition


RBC Canadian Painting Competition Exhibition
November 13 to 29, gallery hours, free.The winners will be announced at the CAG on November 18.
The exhibition will be closed on November 16, 17 and 19.

The Contemporary Art Gallery is delighted to host this year’s RBC
Canadian Painting Competition which since 1999, with the support of
the Canadian Art Foundation, has been a unique initiative, helping
bridge the gap from emerging to established artists. This year’s
selected finalists are from Eastern Canada: Hangama Amiri (Halifax,
NS); Andrew Maize (Lunenburg, NS); Paul Hardy, Cindy Phenix and
John Player (Montreal, QC); from Central Canada: Jessica Bell
(Ottawa, ON); Patrick Cruz (Guelph, ON); Hanna Hur, Caroline Larsen,
and Claire Scherzinger (Toronto, ON); and from Western Canada:
Robert Taite (Winnipeg, MB); Simon de Brée, Megan Hepburn, Russell
Leng and Tristan Unrau (Vancouver, BC).

For more information, visit www.rbc.com/paintingcompetition

Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver,