Alumni Talk Speaker | Leah Nelson and Jay Grandin

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Leah Nelson (’06) & Jay Grandin (’04)

Leah Nelson and Jay Grandin run Giant Ant, a creative studio in Vancouver. Specializing in animation and documentary, Giant Ant has slowly worked its way to being one of the top studios in Canada, with clients like TOMS Shoes, Target, and Facebook—and recognition from the likes of the Clios and ADC awards.
They’re also married. And have one year old twins. If there is one thing these business, life and parenting partners know… it’s how to collaborate.
Jay and Leah met in 2004 at Emily Carr University and subsequently, in 2006, created an accidental “viral video” about showering. Shortly afterward, they were hired by MySpace, when MySpace was still a thing, and they took off hitchhiking across Europe to make a very mediocre web series.
This exhilarating mediocrity sparked a passion in them both and, upon returning from their adventures, they moved in with Leah’s parents to start a small video production company called Giant Ant. Eight years on, Giant Ant has grown to a family of 15 passionate storytellers, and they couldn’t be prouder of their wonderful team.